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Practice Areas


At DMH Law, we understand that legal issues can arise at any time in the life of a business, which is why we offer a wide range of practice areas to meet our clients' needs. Our experienced attorneys have the expertise and knowledge to handle complex legal matters across a broad spectrum of industries. No matter what legal challenges your business may be facing, DMH Law is here to provide you with the exceptional legal representation and guidance you need to achieve your goals.

Business Law

DMH lawyers are experienced business lawyers who work with our clients to assist them in all aspects of their business – from inception to sale. Our partners approach business concerns from a solution-oriented approach developed through decades of advising and fighting for clients at large and specialized corporate law firms and business courts. The firm’s clients range from family-owned to public corporations and include both for-profit and nonprofit entities. We are committed to helping our clients protect and grow their businesses as part of a forward-thinking plan to ultimately transition the next generation into the business. We provide a wide range of services, including strategic legal planning, acquisition, sale, expansion, formation, employment issues, and dissolution. The firm avoids large, disconnected teams and excess administration that can sometimes hold developing businesses back and instead takes a highly personalized approach to serving business law needs.

Complex Commercial Litigation

DMH lawyers are courtroom litigators – earning success in both prosecuting and defending complex lawsuits. These types of cases require an ability to plan every aspect of the attack and anticipate the opponent’s next moves, while moving the cases forward and ensuring the litigation does not negatively impact our client’s business, a balancing act that our attorneys excel at. While we appreciate working with clients to avoid potential litigation through pre-filing discussions, when it’s time to litigate, we fight, tenaciously representing our clients. We work with a network of independent industry and subject matter experts in various fields to support our clients and leverage our many years of experience litigating complex commercial matters to help achieve the best possible results for our clients. The firm accepts meritorious plaintiff-side complex litigation on alternative fee structures.

Business Fraud

Unfortunately, fraud in business exists. Equally unfortunate, fraud is very difficult to successfully prosecute – particularly in the face of a written contract. There is a difference between acceptable sales “puffery” and fraudulent misstatements that induce your business to enter into a contract. DMH lawyers know the difference and its attorneys have published multiple articles in legal and business journals about these cases. We find great satisfaction in obtaining settlements or judgments for defrauded clients that make the offending parties pay for their fraud. The firm accepts meritorious plaintiff-side fraud cases on alternative fee structures.

Software and Emerging Technologies Law

Implementing new software is a complex and challenging process. DMH attorneys have a wealth of experience in handling software implementation disputes, from contract disputes to breach of warranty claims to disputes related to scope, timelines, and deliverables. If your business’s implementation is not going as “planned” or if the promised schedule is not being met, you may have a claim. It is critical to contact us as soon as possible because the software company may make excuses for those failures in an effort to ensure that you wait too long to bring a claim, and many implementation contracts expressly limit your time to file suit. Our attorneys are well-versed in the legal issues that can arise in software implementation and have the knowledge and skills to help you navigate the process. The firm accepts meritorious plaintiff-side software implementation disputes.

Supply Chain Disputes

Supply chain disruptions can have a major impact on the success of any business. At DMH Law, we have extensive experience handling all types of supply chain disputes, from contract disputes and breach of warranty claims, to logistics and transportation disputes. Our attorneys are well versed in the complex legal issues involved in supply chain disputes, and to work to find effective solutions that protect our clients’ interests. We understand the importance of timely resolution and will work to resolve your dispute as efficiently as possible. Whether you need to pursue or defend against legal action, we are here to provide guidance and support.

Member/Shareholder Oppression

While every business should strive to succeed for all of its owners, DMH lawyers recognize that, sometimes, business relationships can strain. If that happens, it is important to understand your rights as an owner, member, or shareholder. These rights can defined by a combination of company bylaws, operating agreements, statutes, or caselaw, together with the specific facts of the issue. We are well versed in oppression claims and represent clients both to avoid litigation and in litigation.

Partnership Disputes

Similar to Member/Shareholder Oppression, partnership disputes can be complex and challenging. These are fact-specific issues that benefit from early guidance to avoid no-win litigation that damages the business. DMH attorneys’ solution-oriented and aggressive approach helps steer companies and equity owners through these events while preserving the value of the joint business.

General Counsel Services

DMH lawyers also serve as outside general counsel for businesses of a variety of sizes. Our clients appreciate having the fast and honest guidance of an in-house attorney from private practice attorneys who are out in the legal field daily. With a solution-oriented approach, many years of experience in a variety of business issues and a wide network of specialized attorneys who can assist in specialized matters, we guide our clients through any challenge by developing a plan that permits our business clients to do what they do best – make informed business decisions by weighing any risks and benefits. Unlike firms where matters are spread between many partners and associates who may or may not understand the client’s business and contract review can take weeks, we pride ourselves on becoming fully immersed in our business client’s business so that we can offer quick assessments of risks and rewards and help keep business moving.

Small Business Services

Small businesses need legal help from someone who understands their business and can offer fast advice to help them understand the potential pitfalls that could derail their business growth. We routinely set up entities for clients and assist new and established small business owners through the legal events that create challenges and rewards for their business, including new contracts, creating governance documents, and even growing and selling the company. Because we are also litigators, when needed, we help steer our small business clients through the court system with minimal negative impact on their business.

Business Real Estate Law

Our attorneys are well versed in the business of real estate. From investment holding company formation to dispute resolution, we provide real estate services to a broad range of real estate professionals, including owners, developers, brokers, agents, escrow officers, contractors, engineers, landlords, tenants, and title companies, whether commercial or industrial. We offer practical answers if you need to close a sale, maintain a profit, escape a trap, or settle disputes. We help to manage real estate transactions, review leases, and litigate issues that arise in business real estate transactions.

Construction Law

To complete a construction project successfully, several entities must collaborate and honor their promises. In order to expedite project completion and assist clients in navigating the complexity of the construction industry, we are skilled at establishing and managing partnerships within a construction project. We offer guidance and advise on the appropriate course of action when parties to a project fail to fulfill their obligations, including assessing and asserting all relevant legal rights and remedies.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Landlord-tenant disputes are, unfortunately, common and can involve a variety of complex matters, such as disagreements regarding lease obligations, failure to repair, quiet enjoyment, wrongful eviction, CAM disputes, health issues caused by mold, security deposit, insurance claims, and many other issues. DMH lawyers represent both commercial landlords and tenants.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

At DMH Law, we also provide alternative dispute resolution services as independent mediators and arbitrators. Having seen for years how many disputes drag on unnecessarily, we now enjoy resolving disputes that should not go to trial. We strive to provide these services for attorneys and their clients with efficiency in both time and money. We accomplish this goal by: (1) giving the participants the ability to define the scope of mediation, (2) having availabilities that fit within your needs, and (3) setting cost based on the size of the dispute and the anticipated length of mediation. We have multiple conference rooms to accommodate your needs and the technology to conduct our ADR services remotely.

Business Transactions

In many firms, young attorneys are encouraged to pick a single specialty and stick to it. But our attorneys eschewed that track in order to approach business law from a unified approach. Being out in the field litigating failed business transactions at the same time that we are guiding our clients through them provides an edge in negotiations and unique approach to writing straightforward, understandable, enforceable contracts.

Seller Disclosure Litigation

If you’ve sold or purchased a home in Michigan after 1994, you’re probably familiar with a Seller’s Disclosure Statement. Sellers must complete a SDS by answering 59 questions honestly and in good faith. The Seller Disclosure Act does not expressly authorize a lawsuit, but buyers may still sue for common-law fraud, silent fraud, and other claims. DMH lawyers represent both buyers and sellers in these emotionally and financially challenging lawsuits.

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