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Commercial Real Estate Transaction Lawyers in Detroit
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Commercial Real Estate Transaction Lawyers


People frequently assume that purchasing or leasing a business property would be similar to doing so for a home or an apartment. However, you are aware that is not the case if you have any expertise with commercial real estate. Compared to a conventional residential real estate transaction, commercial real estate has a lot more obligations and potential problems. If you are not careful throughout the procedure, you may quickly lose a lot of money and experience other negative financial and legal outcomes.

You should consult with a lawyer familiar with Michigan commercial real estate law to ensure that your rights are upheld and to reduce the possibility of any issues arising. Doerr Macwilliams Howard's Michigan commercial real estate transactions lawyers have a lot of expertise with these cases.

Whatever the complexity of your commercial real estate issue, a skilled lawyer can help safeguard your interests.

Examples of Commercial Real Estate Transactions that we offer law services for:

  • Small to mid-sized businesses

  • Regional holding companies

  • Office buildings

  • Large housing units

  • Healthcare facilities

  • Educational facilities

  • Any commercial real estate in the Detroit area and throughout Michigan State.

The law office of Doerr Macwilliams Howard is located conveniently in Bloomfield, Michigan. If you are potentially involved in a commercial real estate transaction in Detroit or the Detroit area, and are in need of an excellent commercial real estate transaction law lawyer, then we recommend you come visit us for a free consultation.

Why is it important to seek attorney advice for commercial real estate transactions?

When buying commercial real estate, there are frequently many more factors to take into account than when buying a residential property. Commercial investors, for instance, need to think about whether a property will bring in enough money through improvements or commercial tenants to make a profit. They also need to consider unlevered cash flow, the internal rate of return, anticipated vacancy rates, zoning regulations that may limit how they may utilize the property, and environmental concerns that may have an impact on its value. Due diligence must be performed with far greater care before the purchase is finalized as a result of all of this.

Working with a commercial real estate lawyer in Detroit that understands the procedures and rules for these types of transactions will help guarantee your rights are protected and that your transaction goes as smooth as humanly possible.

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